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9th December 2012

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Exam season

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting much! I’m in the middle of university exams so I haven’t been doing much other than studying and hanging out with the roomies. That might change tomorrow though…

Yesterday, I had two exams. I finished my second one at 9 pm so I went home and consumed copious amounts of wine with the roomies. I was exhausted and passed out shortly after 1 pm. Checked my phone when I woke up this morning and saw I had a text from Jake at 2:45 saying “Hey, what’s up?” and then again at 3:20 saying “Wake up lol.” Evidently, I didn’t wake up haha. We were texting for a bit and catching up this morning. We don’t text as often as we used to so it’s normal for us to only text like once a week now. He’s working nights this week so I said I might be able to see him after my exam tomorrow (2-5 pm) if I wasn’t tired. Look at me, being all nonchalant… ish haha. 

Additionally, holy crap I leave for Paris in less than a week. I am beyond excited!!! Can’t wait to recount my adventures abroad to you all when I get back!

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30th November 2012

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Dick Piercing

Yeah, I had to title this post like that. Hung out with the neighbour boys while we got ready for our respective nights out. Went out to the bar with Karen and bumped into a cute, tall guy at coat check. Karen and I went off and danced for a while and then we bumped into him on the dance floor. Danced with him for a few songs, some light flirting, and then he bought me a drink and we sat down to chat. Found out his name was Toby, he’s from Nigeria, and his next tattoo is going to be a Hogwarts crest. He currently has a Hakuna Matata one and is a self-professed Disney nerd. We bonded over tons of nerdy stuff, made out a little, and found Karen and headed home with her. 

The chemistry kind of fizzled when we got back to my place but I was like, “Meh, I want sex.” So we’re making out, fooling around, and then I get his pants off and he has a dick piercing. I had no idea those even existed. It was like at the bottom of the shaft, top of the balls. He was a decent size, but as he was the first black guy I’ve ever done, I was expecting like an elephant trunk or something haha. Probably good that it wasn’t excessively huge. So we go at it for a bit and man, he was not good. I faked an orgasm (yes, I will do that to get out of bad sex) and said I had to be up early and that I don’t sleep well with people in my bed (not true), but he kind of kept going. I literally had to push him up, which made me super uncomfortable because I’ve never had a guy be kind of forceful in a way that wasn’t fun for me. He was really nice and I don’t think he meant for it to seem like he was pushing things, but I set him straight right away about the “no-means-no” thing. He apologized and seemed genuinely sorry, but I still wanted him out. Chemistry had died, I was tired, and I didn’t like the way he had been even if it wasn’t intentional. 

Sorry for the crappy post but I’m annoyed and sleepy. Goodnight, tumblr! May your sexytimes be better than mine were tonight.

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28th November 2012


Phone Number Fail

Hey everyone! So I spent Friday night catching up with some of my friends from first year at a 90’s themed kegger. I wore a denim skirt, a graphic tee, a flannel shirt, and converse… It made me feel super nostalgic haha! I met a guy at the party named Cameron. We really hit it off and were hanging out for something like two hours. Tall, handsome, nerdy, slightly older… pretty much my ideal guy. I considered taking him back to my place, but 1) he was staying at the host’s place because he lives a half hour away and had to drive her to a practice in the morning and 2) I thought that there might be potential for something beyond a hookup so I didn’t want him to file me into the “hookup only” category.

Totally screwed up though because when I got his number, I missed a digit somewhere when I was typing it into my phone and now I have no idea what his actual number is. I didn’t get his last name either so Facebook hasn’t been helpful. Urg! Of course the first guy that I feel I have a real, healthy connection with is now unreachable. Oh well. We had a fun time and I guess that’s just a lesson for next time… always text them while you’re still in their presence to make sure you have the right number. D’oh.

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23rd November 2012

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Following you!

Hey everyone! You might have noticed that someone named singlewithswagger2 is now following you. Don’t worry, it’s me! When I made this blog, I made it an ‘additional blog’ and I didn’t realize that meant that I couldn’t follow people on it. I want to keep the SWS blog separate from my primary one so this was the solution I came up with. I love getting messages from all of you—some of your stories could definitely rival mine—and last month I decided that I needed more of you awesome people in my life. I finally added everyone on that account… it’s not like there are thousands of you, but I would get distracted by your blogs and then forget that I was in the middle of following everyone. Oops. Sorry if I took a while to get to you!

You don’t need to worry about following the other blog, I won’t be posting anything over there. All of my (mis?)adventures will still be posted right here! Just wanted to clear up any confusion in case you didn’t read the explanation on that blog. 

Hope you all have a swaggerific weekend! I’m off to a 90’s themed kegger tonight and then tomorrow night, Karen and I are having a video game night with the neighbour boys we recently befriended. It’s gonna be a good time :)

PS - When you send me messages, it’d be great if you could let me know whether you want it published or if you want to keep it private.  I love hearing your feedback and stories but I’m never sure if you guys would like them posted on the blog so I just make them private. :)

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17th November 2012

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One More Night

You know that song by Maroon 5? The one about someone who can’t help shagging someone, even though they know it’s not a good idea, because the chemistry is so addictive? 

Last night, I got home from volunteering at a charity banquet around midnight. Both roomies were out (one back home, one at boyfriend’s) and Steve had a residence event he had to wake up for. I was planning on watching some Boy Meets World and going to bed, but then I got a text.

From Jake.

I can hear you groaning. I can feel the shoe you just took off and threw at me. I know, I know. He asked what I was up to, we texted back and forth for a bit, and he invited me over. I hadn’t changed into my pajamas yet and I was kind of bored (and, let’s be honest here… was also a tad horny) so I said yes. He was walking home from the bar so I met up with him at he was going past my place. If you’re wondering why we didn’t just go to my place, he has a queen-sized bed. 

It was fun talking with him and catching up on what we’d been up to. Neither of us brought up the girl he had been seeing, but I figured out they weren’t happening any more without really asking. I forgot how much he pushes my buttons at times… but almost in a good way. He pisses me off, but I like it. Am I a masochist? Jeez. We fire shit back and forth at each other but that just adds to the chemistry.

Got back to his place, you know the drill. We fell right back into sync and after about an hour and a half, we were both exhausted and very much satisfied. We talked for a little bit more before going to sleep. Woke up around 11 and were talking for a bit, then morning sex, and just lazing. I decided I should make sure of the status of things with the other girl, so I just said, “So I guess things with you and the girl didn’t work out?” He said, “Yeah, not really,” and when I said “Ah, that sucks,” he laughed and said “You don’t feel bad at all, do you?” I laughed and replied, “No, I really don’t. This is much more beneficial to me.” And then we banged again.

What can I say… good, convenient sex isn’t always easy to come by? Doesn’t seem like anything has changed, this isn’t going to lead to a relationship or anything and I’m probably going to end up confusing and hurting myself. Hell, for all I know that was the last time. Whatever it is, was, or will be… I’m kind of just along for the ride and although I know I should care more about consequences, I just don’t. I mean, even Ms. Frizzle said we should, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” She probably wasn’t referring to hooking up, but the sentiment stands. It might be so wrong but it is so fun.

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14th November 2012


Euro Trippin’

IT’S OFFICIAL! My ticket is booked for Paris in December! I’ve going to be spending three full days there, then two in Munich, then two more in Paris (not counting my travel days). I can’t believe I leave in a month! It’s too wonderful and crazy to imagine. I’m 20, I’m single, and soon I’m going to fly to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to go to two of the most beautiful cities on earth. I love my life right now.

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11th November 2012

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One Night Stand

Last night (or this morning?) I had my first official one night stand. There’s no chance of it being anything more than that because I don’t know his last name and we decided not to exchange phone numbers. So much class right now haha

Karen and I danced with a good number of boys last night, but there was this one guy that kept meeting my eye throughout the night. About ten minutes before we were going to leave, I finally went up to him and started dancing with him. His name was Scott (not bothering with a fake name this time) and he’s 24. After a few minutes of dancing and yelling/chatting (gotta love trying to have a conversation in a club), I invited him back to my place. He had his car parked near the bar so he drove Karen and I home. We went into my room and I made the obligatory, “Yeah, I’m a huge nerd” comment as he looked at my excessive Harry Potter and other fandom posters. Then he said he was a huge Harry Potter fan and then we banged. I’m laughing at myself for that sentence but it’s true. Huge turn on.

We were cuddling, laughing, and chatting afterwards. We even quizzed each other on Harry Potter things which was like a nerdgasm. We couldn’t sleep (I blame the redbull I had before going out) so we banged again and kept chatting. Then suddenly it was 6 am. He decided to leave because neither of us could sleep. He asked if I wanted to do the number exchange thing and I thought about it for a moment. He was the kind of boy I could develop feelings for very quickly and the nerd thing was an added danger. I’m still not ready to be in a relationship or anything so I knew if we stayed in contact, I would just confuse myself and possibly hurt myself in my confusion (Pokemon reference, anyone?). It might not make sense to push away a guy that I could be compatible with but I just don’t need another Jake situation. So he left and I think I fell asleep around 6:30 am. Had a fun night with him and don’t regret the decision to keep it to one night. Have I mentioned I love being single and being able to do shit like this? Bahahaha. I’ll keep the adventures coming!

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10th November 2012


Getting Fresh

On Thursday night, I went to go watch Pitch Perfect with one of my roomies. Hang on, I should think of names for my roommates. I’ve gone too long lumping them under the term ‘roomie’.

So roommate number one is Karen. She’s always up to go dancing, drinking, and boy hunting. She’s two years older and has a boy list to be proud of. She’s super sweet as well and is my best friend here at university

Roommate number two is Laura. I love her to bits as well, but she’s in a relationship so she splits her time between being at the apartment and being at the boy’s place. We dont get to see her as much, and she isn’t as into going out as we are so it’s hard to find activities to do as a group (other than play Mario Kart and drink wine. We do that every Wednesday)

Now that we have that established, back to the story… I went to see Pitch Perfect with Karen. The movie was super cheesy and adorable. While we we walking home, we were talking about the fact that Steve keeps expressing a desire to “hang out” but nothing seems to happen. We came to the conclusion that he wanted to hook up but didn’t want to be too forward about it.

Lo and behold, as I had just gotten into my pajamas and was about to settle in for a Fresh Prince mini-marathon, I got a text from Steve asking what I was up to. When I told him about my Fresh Prince plans, he asked if I wanted to bring some episodes over to his place so we could watch together. He’s a Head Resident on campus and was on call so he couldn’t be off campus for more than like twenty minutes. I agreed, and got ready faster than I ever have in my life haha! Contacts back in, quick leg shave, hair fix, slight makeup, all that jazz. After ten minutes, I heard his car in the parking lot and got a text confirming he was there so I grabbed my USB and headed out.

He’s easy to talk to and we’re both in a similar relationship situation: Broke up with our exes over the summer, they’re both being a tad dramatic, and we just want to have fun and aren’t looking for relationships right now. We hung out in his room watching the show and he fed me Reese Puffs and strawberry Mike and Ikes (for whatever bizarre reason, he doesn’t like strawberry flavoured things butthey’re my favourite). Then suddenly, he turned to me and said, “You know what might be fun…?” and kissed me. Things escalated from there ;) I quite enjoyed myself. Bit TMI, but I’ve never heard a boy moan so much while getting a bj. Safe to say he enjoyed himself too, haha! He drove me home around 2:30 am because he had a meeting in the morning. I suppose we’ve established that he’s interested. He’s going to a basketball game in Toronto tonight and Karen and I are going clubbing, but we might meet up for some shenanigans. We’ll see where the night takes me ;)

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8th November 2012


Quicktimes catchup

Okay, so it’s 1 am and I had lots of wine with my girls tonight but we’re gonna do a lightning fast catchup!

- Last Friday I dressed as a pirate and we went to the gay bar again. Tons of fun, tons of glitter.
- Last Saturday, I went to a friend’s house party dressed as Black Widow. Made out with a friend of a friend but he had a bro emergency and therefore we did not bang. Le sigh.
- Wednesday went out with roomie to a bar (was lazy on the costume—sexy soccer player) and had a few boys show interest, but I was picky and didn’t want them.
- Friday was another house party. Dressed as Skanky the Clown (a bit of an inside joke with friends). One boy rubbed glitter all over my boobs, one boy I knew from class licked my boobs (which I was not cool with considering we were two feet from my friends and I informed him of that and then ditched him), and one boy really wanted to bang me… but I was like meh. I want pizza more than I want you. AND THEN I FOUND OUT THAT MOST PIZZA PLACES ARE CLOSED AFTER 3 AM. What am I supposed to doooooo at 4 am?
- Country bar boy messaged me on facebook to get my actual phone number and to invite me out tothe bar with him and some friends, but his friends all got too drunk too fast at their predrink and just wanted to sleep. This weekend I’m hoping to bang him.
- I cfinished an essay on a topic I knew pretty much nothing about in like 7 hours combined. Sweet.
- Had a lunch meeting with a provincial politician. Sweet.
- Was aked to facilitate a presentation for junior students in my program. Sweet.
- Spent tonight (Wednesday) drinking wine, playing DDR and Hungry Hungry Hippos, and gabbing with my girls.

I’ll try to be better with the posts but yeah. that kind of catches you up! Now I need to sleep because I have class in 6 and a half hours.

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1st November 2012



So I’ve been procrastinating on anything and everything remotely productive for the last week, hence no posts. Have a few things to mention but I’ll break them up over the next couple of days so you don’t have to endure a wall of text.
Last Thursday, I had plans to hang out with a guy friend… We’ll call him Emerson. We met in Rez during my first year when he was one of my dons. I was still dating the ex at the time so I feel a bit guilty about this but I had a bit of a thing for him. Obviously never acted on it but we hang out now and then. We spent two hours walking around and chatting. Obviously, the subject of my break up came up because we hadn’t seen each other since the end of school last year. He pretty much said he didn’t know why I was ever with the guy and that he’d always thought I deserved better. He also said he was super disappointed shortly after we met when he found out I had a boyfriend because he was interested in me. I was a bit surprised, but I told him that I had felt something too. He pretty much went, “Aw, man!” and we laughed about it and started talking about something else. So now I’m wondering if he wants something to happen. We’ve been casually texting but I suppose we’ll see! Would definitely bang him, not sure I want/am ready for more than that. Single life for the win!

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